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Rental Policy



Please Read Carefully



Prices are for a 1 Day Rental. Inquire for Extended Rental Options

Pricing & Product Availability: Pricing and product availability is guaranteed for 15 days after the quote date. Once contract has been signed and deposit payment made, your reservation is confirmed.



  • We accept Credit Card payments.

  • All rental orders must be secured with a 50% deposit at time of reserving. Final payment is due 15 days prior to delivery or pickup date. When a reservation is made within/less than a 15-day period prior to delivery or pickup date, 100% contract total will be due at time of booking. All reservations require a credit card to confirm orders. No credit or refund will be given for unused items once provided.  Final changes are due fifteen (15) days prior to delivery or pickup date, after which, no further changes will be permitted. Valid state or US identification and credit card deposit is required for all reservations. Once a reservation is confirmed, no cancellations are allowed without forfeiting the deposit.


  • Our furniture is not for outside use. It can not be left outside to get wet. Remember, even if it is not raining during your party it may rain overnight or anytime before we pick up. So if you are unable to bring the equipment inside when not in use or there is no safe place for storage we will not be able to do your order. If it does rain during your event please protect the equipment, if it is damaged you will be responsible for it’s replacement at our replacement price.


  • Non-refundable deposits will not be refunded, even if the cancellation is requested before the cutoff. When a reservation is made within/less than a 15-day period prior to delivery or pickup date, 100% of contract total will be forfeited when order is cancelled. Epiphany Party Rentals reserves the right to cancel orders or accept cancellations at Epiphany Party Rentals discretion.

  • We understand the emotional and financial stress of canceling an event, however rental items have been reserved and allocated to you, for your date, and not available for other customers to rent. We have to turn down many customers looking for availability. Rental orders require staffing. They take time and labor to prep. Our costs and labor must be covered for reserving and prepping your items. We have multiple rental orders to prepare each week and it takes a dedicated team of warehousing staffing to fulfill.


  • All items rented from must be returned clean, free of food and otherwise in good order, condition and repair and rental ready. Additional charges, replacement/damage fees will apply for non-compliance:

  • Tables and Chairs: Remove tape and decorations, if used. Wipe off any obvious dirt, mud, grass and any foreign material. Must be reasonably free of food, dirt, debris and contaminants, and otherwise in good order, condition and repair and rental-ready.

  • Linens: No candle wax, burns, tears, cuts, holes, mildew, ink or unusual stains. Shake out all linens before placing them into laundry bags - replacement fee of $65 will apply for any laundry bag not returned. Wet or damp linens must be completely air dried before placing into laundry bags to prevent mold and/or mildew. Do not leave laundry bag of linens outdoors overnight. Failure to comply will result in additional cleaning and/or damage fees.

  • Catering Equipment: Remove food, wash and wipe dry.

  • Concession items: Remove food particles from each machine (ex: popcorn) before return.

  • All other rental items: Repack, recover and place back into proper containers. All containers, boxes, totes, and packing material must be returned to avoid replacement fees.


  • Delivery and Pickup fees are calculated based on the number of items, bulkiness, location and/or if additional trips are required. Delivery fee includes delivery to the door, dock or garage at ground level during normal business hours. A responsible party must be present for your entire delivery window and on-site upon delivery to accept rental items. Delivery fees DO NOT include set-up or takedown, going up/down flights of stairs or elevators, or carrying items more than 20-feet from truck. There will be additional charges for unusual circumstances such as stairs, elevators and long distance carries.

  • In between delivery and pickup, you agree to provide secure storage for rented items, protect all items from sprinkler systems, and/or inclement weather including rain, and properly repack all items as delivered in their containers. You accept full risk for the duration of your rental period until all items are loaded onto our trucks.

  • Upon pickup, all equipment is to be taken down, stacked and returned to their original drop-off location following event. If you will not be available during pickup, it is your responsibility to coordinate with the venue or a responsible individual to ensure all items are gathered together in the correct location. Pickup fees DO NOT include takedown, removal, packing, racking, stacking, or cleanup. All items must properly re-packed and placed into the appropriate containers and/or boxes they arrived in. Items must be stored indoors or in a secured, covered, dry location until pickup. DO NOT LEAVE RENTAL ITEMS OUTDOORS DURING INCLEMENT WEATHER. An additional charge of $50-$200 will be assessed for non-compliance, including rental items that are returned wet.

  • If you are not available to receive your delivery at the scheduled contracted time you will not be refunded or issued a credit for later use. If we must leave there are no guarantees that we will return and if we do attempt to redeliver there will be an additional charge. If you are not home for Epiphany Party Rentals to pick up you will be charged the full invoice amount plus each day we are not able to pick up. 

  • No. The delivery fee does not include set-up of your rentals, like setting up tables or chairs, placing linens on tables, or tying chair sashes. The delivery fee also does not include going up or down flights of stairs or elevators, or carrying items more than 20-feet from the truck.

  • Hold Harmless: By signing this agreement, the customer below will indemnify and hold harmless EPR and its agents and employees from any and all claims, actions, and judgments relating to and arising from the customer’s use of rental equipment from time of delivery or pickup to time of retrieval or return.

  • Execution by Facsimile/E-Mail: This agreement may be executed by the parties and transmitted by facsimile and electronic mail, or if so executed and transmitted, this agreement will be for all purposes as effective as if the parties had delivered and executed the original.

Please note, our throne chairs are 72 inches tall (that’s 6ft). Throne Chair will require a minimum of 34 inches in doorway space. We will NOT take doors off of hinges. You are responsible for measuring the doorway space.

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